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The Salamanca neighborhood is one of the most relevant areas of Madrid, both for its peculiar distribution and for the residents who have traditionally inhabited its emblematic streets.

Its construction dates from the second half of the 19th century and corresponds to the urban expansion carried out during the reign of Isabel II. The precursor to whom its name is owed was José de Salamanca y Mayol, Marqués de Salamanca, from Malaga, who conceived a new location with a careful building that would house the aristocratic and bourgeois classes of Madrid. Nineteenth-century in style, it is characterized by its special regular distribution in the form of a checkerboard with perpendicular streets. Its buildings are of special interest thanks to their architectural quality and the beauty of their facades.

Blume Conde Aranda is located in the area closest to the Retiro Park and is characterized by its tranquility, variety of shops, and central location.





C/ Conde Aranda, 3
28001 Madrid

Tel. +34 91360 83 75/ +34 657939899

Metro: Retiro

Closest Parkings: Serrano Park

(Bonos Mensuales) SERRANOPARK.ES

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